I love a great love story and connot wait to hear yours



Personalised Celebrations of Life, Crafted with Care.

I am honoured to be a life celebrant for all life’s celebrations and a Commonwealth- approved marriage celebrant.

I create powerful moments for my community through personalised and bespoke ceremonies.

Wedding Ceremonies

Said “yes” and are now ready for the wedding of your dreams? I have many creative ideas and vows to select from to support you throughout designing your ceremony.

You could include special people in your life by reading a poem and several rituals to choose from, such as candle, sand, or unity bowl. Of course, there is legal paperwork (don’t worry, part of my job is to complete and lodge all legal documents). Let’s work together on capturing the essence of who you are as a couple with a bespoke ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved in your child’s birth, pledge their love and support for your family, and acknowledge godparents. Many celebrate a naming ceremony on their baby’s first birthday; elements such as magic dust, candle or family sand rituals add a special touch.

Vow Renewals

Are you celebrating a marriage anniversary? Why not have a party and renew your vows? Perhaps you are not ready to marry but would like me to create a beautiful commitment ceremony. Both have no legalities; however, you receive a ceremonial certificate.

Life Celebrations

Love doesn’t end with the passing of someone you have cared for; love goes on forever. Let me help you and your family celebrate the life of your loved one through your stories and memories, sharing all that was special and unique about them and their life journey. Family members can also be the furry kind; I also perform animal funerals.


Personalised Celebrations of Life, Crafted with Care.

Now don’t worry about the name change after your wedding, I’ve got your back. You can do it by simply showing your official marriage certificate to the companies where you have an account or identification. I can help order the certificate, saving further identity checks. It arrives about a week or two after your wedding. If you’re not a fan of research or filling in forms then consider using an Easy Name Change kit. With Easy Name Change, simply check off the companies you need to notify, and they’ll send you a custom pack of forms. Just attach your marriage certificate and send!

I love a great love story and connot wait to hear yours.

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